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The purpose of the Association shall be to unite property owners of the Old Gun Road community...

Area History

Bellona Arsenal was once a place where cannons were made during the Revolutionary War and the Civil War...

Our association has been around for over 50 years. It includes ten subdivisions of 600 homes which come out onto Old Gun Road east and west in the four mile stretch. The Old Gun Road area is full of history and charm. We encourage you and your neighbors to join us.

Wherever you have lived before, there is no place quite like this!

Secretary's Report - October 2023


Our annual meeting was held and we had 35 people pay dues, along with about 48 attendees to our Annual Family Picnic on October 2, 2023.


Jon recorded that the expenses for the picnic were covered by paid dues of membership. Torry called the meeting to Order after that report, and there were some active discussions by the members in attendance about the possibility of improvements being made to Old Gun Road.


After those discussions, the Board promised to have updates posted when received for all members to know the status of the possibility of improvements by Chesterfield County.

There was discussion about the amendments proposed to the Old Gun Road Civic Association Constitution, which has not been revised for more than 10 years. Based on this discussion, a current draft of the Amended Constitution will shortly be posted on the website for all to review.

The Board decided, based on those amended matters that $16,000.00 of the funds available would be invested into a 7 month CD at Atlantic Union Bank, which is a low risk, FDIC insured product, and will generate approximately $500.00 in interest through the end of May 2024. That investment will leave over $4,000.00 for emergency expenses, and we can decide in our next annual meeting in the fall, 2024, or before any other rollover options, which would be considered.

We also elected Torry as President, Jon as Treasurer, and Carl as Secretary for a two-year term. Everyone seemed to enjoy the beautiful day along the James River, and the meeting was adjourned.

Carl J. Witmeyer, Secretary OGRCA

News & Updates

Officers & Neighborhood Reps

President: Torry Hoover (Bellona Arsenal)
Vice President: Lissette Johnson (Arsenal Hills)
Secretary: Carl Witmeyer (Kings Charter)
Treasurer: Jon Kucera (Ramshorn Road)
Neighborhood Rep: Virginia Hickey (Spring Creek)

Contact Us

Do you have an announcement you'd like to share with the OGR community?

Send us a message. All messages go to Torry Hoover, President of the OGR Civic Association. If approved, we will post it on our site.


(updated 10-5-23)


Article I
Name and Purpose

Sect. 1. The organization shall be known as the Old Gun Road Civic Association ("Association").
Sect. 2. The purpose of the Association shall be to unite property owners of the Old Gun Road community in all civic efforts directed toward making that community a better place in which to live.  It shall be a non-profit organization...

Area History

Learn about the history of Midlothian!


These excerpts are from:


Book Author: Bettie Woodson Weaver

Publisher: [s.n.] ; (1994)


As early as 1701, French Huguenot refugees had discovered an outcropping of bituminous coal along the south banks of the James River at their Manakin Town settlement in what is now Powhatan County. By 1730 several Huguenot families had moved from...

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